lauraxpeace (lauraxpeace) wrote,


Started a Twitter account today so I can keep track of exciting witnessing by Blackheath Friends and other Quaker Twittersphere stuff. Although I hear Twitter is dying. 500 white poppies were ordered from the Peace Pledge Union and after Meeting this morning most of us went up to a corner of the heath to hand them out for free while holding a vigil.

I'm genuinely annoyed that 1. a woman, 2. a cool activist woman has been removed from our money and that's before taking into account the fact that she was replaced by that violent racist, classist, nationalist Churchill creep. So gross.

Currently reading Alastair McIntosh's exciting new book Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey. As it happens, the bit I was reading last night included several rebuttals Alastair gives to military people's standard questions/challenges to his pacifism. Good preparation. Good book!
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