lauraxpeace (lauraxpeace) wrote,

Releasing capital

Young Quaker perfomer Jon Watts has put up a thought-provoking blog post about the lack of support of individual ministries he and other Friends have found. He challenges Meetings to sell their meeting houses and use the money to fund the work of travelling ministers. It makes me realise that something has been missing from discourse in this country. We are all gearing up, including in my own Area Meeting, for the inevitable selling off of our meeting houses. I have yet to hear any non-capital plan for the resulting funds. I have heard that the money is needed to prop up those Meetings who aren't selling their buildings. I suppose I assumed that the rest would go back into the Meeting funds pot for the AM, or split in some way with Central Funds. I wonder if we have considered that this is a once in history release of capital that might be invested in the Whoosh, for example.

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