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When I switched on Radio 4 this morning I was surprised to hear Quakers mentioned in the news. The announcer at the top of the hour provided a very well-written summary of what is happening today at BYM and even mentioning our 'consensus' decision-making. I later listened to Colin Billett's interview on the Today programme which was very well done indeed. I assume he did it as an individual rather than an official representative of anything, although the link from the media page at the BYM website blurs this rather. I thought the coverage was fantastic outreach due to the content of CB's statement and the things said by the broadcasters. I also believe it wasn't in the spirit of our business method and unfair to the Clerks whether or not they were aware of the coverage. I don't mind it terribly, but it should have been clear that the Friend was speaking in a personal capacity on the radio.

I've never felt particularly passionate about marriage, gay or otherwise, but with the tweets that have gone off in the past hour announcing the hoped for result, this is a wonderful day to be a Quaker. I wish I were in York myself to share it all. It's interesting that British Friends are doing something that has clear repercussions outside of the Society. That doesn't happen so often as it used to, and I hope it is the first of many such actions.

I see that has been redesigned in time for Yearly Meeting. I like the fact that it's less cluttered and has a picture of humans on the home page.
Tags: bym, gay, pride
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